Solar Water Heater

Tell me about solar water heater

Solar heating systems have the fastest return on investment in solar energy systems. It also has a high energy conversion capacity. Most people use electricity for water heaters. Using electricity for such purposes is, to a certain extent, a social evil. Especially if there is a situation where it can be avoided. This is because a large portion of the electricity generated comes from thermal power plants. There, only about half of the heat generated can be converted into electricity. And we convert that electricity back to thermal energy.

A typical electric heater costs around Rs 3,000. The solar water heater starts at Rs 12,000. Naturally, this may seem like an extra expense. But considering the total needs of the home, the number of heaters required will increase, so the total cost will be equal to the solar water heater. Also, it requires a very high amount of power and devises such as a power plug to use.

The tanks in a solar water heater start at 100 litres. So this hot water can be used not only for bathing but also for kitchen use and laundry. Hot water can be used to remove mold odours from various food items such as rice and beans and to easily clean clothes and utensils. In effect, this hot water, which is available at no extra cost, will reduce your total water consumption. And the electricity bill will be significantly reduced.

In Kerala, good hot water is available almost all the time. If properly installed, it will withstand a lot of adverse conditions and will provide warm water even on rainy days. ETC- evacuated tube solar water heaters are ideal for typical homes. Water should be tested before installing the heater.

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