Solar Bi
directional Hybrid

Solar Hybrid Image
This is the most beneficial way for the user to switch to solar.
What do we want when we switch to solar?
Good quality of electricity should be continuously ensured so as not to affect the price of electricity in the market.
Problems such as harmonics and power factor should not be affected.
Batteries should last a long time without damage.
The capacity of the panels should be utilized fully.
The bidirectional hybrid system is a system that combines all these advantages. Its special system can be used to power the grid as well as charge the battery. In Kerala, power outages for more than three consecutive hours at night are a rare occurrence.
Therefore, it is sufficient to consider the total battery as a backup for those three hours. This reduces the size of the battery and allows it to be charged from KSEB during the rainy season when the battery is not fully charged. Surplus electricity during good summer months can be sold to KSEB. In the new age of electric vehicles, this system can also be used to start charging stations. It costs more than the off-grid system and the grid-tie system. At the same time, the facilities and the lifespan of the ancillary equipment will increase accordingly. This method is highly recommended by Wahni.

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