Solar on grid

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The electricity generated by the solar panel must be replaced or stored somewhere as soon as it is generated. You need a battery to store it. You need a load accordingly to use. Direct use of unstable solar power, which changes with the sun, is not good for most devices. Grid-Tie, a batteryfree solution, comes in here. The power generated can be transferred directly to KSEB. We'll get a proportional reduction in Our bill as well. If more power is given to the grid than is used, KSEB will pay us an amount that of commercially produced solar energy.

A major drawback of this system is that it does not have a battery. Therefore, solar power generation will stop every time the public supply is disrupted. This method does not provide any benefits other than the mount. We mentioned earlier that the average production cost per unit of solar PV in homes is Rs.10 and above. In effect, this system causes huge losses to the consumer. That is why Wahni is not recommending this.

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