Distribution plays a key role in the business process by moving the product from manufacture to market. They buy products from the manufacturer or other source, then move them from their warehouses to companies that want to resell the products to end-users. Our open source solutions help the distributors to manage their supply chain and logistic activities efficiently including order management, inventory management, warehouse management, financial management, etc.

Our cloud-based user-friendly solutions are compatible with any device or platform. It will streamline your unique business activities like demand-supply, complex inventories, multiple price lists, purchase forecasting, etc. You can easily transform your distribution business digitally with our cost-effective, flexible, next-gen open source solutions.

The main features of our distribution solutions are,

 Multi-location / Multi warehouse inventory management

 Batch/Serial number tracking with expiry reminders

 Item variants with multiple attributes

 Pricing rule/Promotional scheme

 Integration with Amazon, Shopify, woo-commerce etc

 Online customer/supplier portal for better services

 QR Code/ Barcode creation for inventory tracking

 Customer wise/ Salesperson wise price list

 Credit days/credit limit warnings and reminders

 Automatic e-way bill generation

 PDC Management

 Landed cost tools for tracking the net profits

 Quality procedures and quality goals

 Automate stock replenishment