ERP Implementation

As an IT vendor, we have a vast product to offer to customers and our area of expertise and focussed on ERP implementation to the enterprises. Our solutions are running in different verticals, including retail, Distribution, Small & medium scale manufacturing units, Health care, and Education segments. With our knowledge in ERPNext implementation, we could help clients to streamline & transform to digital platforms which include CRM & sales management, stocks management, buying processes, Accounting & financial, Human resources & payroll processing, and streamlining manufacturing processes.

We provided the solutions to health care specifically in small and medium clinics & hospitals, including patient management systems, patient encounters, laboratory management, etc

Our methodology for ERP implementation is mentioned below,


The starting phase for any ERP implementation, With our experienced functional consultants we are capable of understanding clients operations and mapping their requirements in software, we will document the process including process flow, roles & user permissions explain the limitations or further possibilities to include their processes in software

Customisation & Implementation

After consultation, the next phase is the implementation phase, where we are required to integrate all client’s requirements into the ERP software. As much as possible we use the standard modules or features in the ERP, If standard features are not available, we will customize and integrate them as a plug & play feature to the software, Which will help to upgrade the software easily in the future.

The different stages are,


Define the scope of implementation, project milestones, customizations required, and expected results. The client will commit to this phase.


Develop the strategy for completing the implementation and measure its progress.


Install the software in a “sandbox” environment, and configure the system to match the client’s process


Migrate and map the client’s data to the new system. Verification checks are required at this stage


Test the system across whole systems through the entire quote-cash cycle.

Training & Deployment

Training is another part of ERP implementation, As ERP is a new environment to the organizations, we need to train the users to a new ecosystem, and with our approach of a train, the trainers will enable employees to self-sustain to use the ERP software by themself. Our unique training methodology will enable users to operate the ERP package independently. Once the training is completed we will deploy the software and the software is Live to use


Our support package gives customers round-the-clock access to our product experts. Once a project goes live, a support team will be assigned, who will work with the customer to design a development roadmap fulfilling their requirements. Whichever package people choose, they will benefit from the knowledge and experience we have constellated over 15 years of providing ERP success.