Socio-historic relevance

One of the main goals of Wahni Green Technologies is to minimize energy wastage. We have entered the BLDC market intending to reduce the carbon footprint of consumers as well as their cost. BLDC fans hit the market in 2012, around the same time LED bulbs became the norm. Although many companies have come forward, no one has been able to make significant inroads in the market. About 30-33% of household electricity in Kerala is used by fans. The power consumption of the bulbs is about half that. One of the main reasons for this difference is that the average use of bulbs is 5 hours while that of fans is at least 8 hours. Besides, the transition from incandescent bulbs to CFL-LED bulbs significantly reduced the use of electricity per bulb. There has been no proportional change in the fans so far. If it can be reduced by at least 10 %, it will lead to a revolutionary leap in the energy sector.

Wahni Green Technologies has been paying special attention to this field since its registration in July 2016. Here are the problems we found in this study and the solutions to them.

Problem statement

While the average price of a medium ceiling fan is Rs 1400, the base model price of a BLDC fan starts at Rs 2800-3000. Another field test conducted by Wahni Green Technologies found that between 5 and 20 fans per 100 were damaged within the first 100 days. If a bulb is damaged the householder can replace it if they have a spare bulb. In the case of a fan, the assistance of an electrician is required. This means that even if a fan is damaged during the warranty period, it incurs an additional cost of Rs 200-300 per customer. Similarly, even if a new fan is replaced, it will take at least half an hour to replace it. If it is a hotel, hospital, school or other commercial establishments, they can't afford a half-hour delay.

Even if any part of the costly fan is damaged, the financial gain made by that fan till then will be lost. And for any of these institutions, fans are not their product, they are just a way to increase the value of their product. They can't take a gamble. Here is the relevance of Wahni.


The first challenge is the high price of the fan. While up to four lakh regular fans are sold in Kerala in a season, BLDC fans do not cross even 3000. At wahni, fans are available at the lowest possible price by cutting down the number of intermediaries and by structuring the orders to a bulk order. Damaged fans in any nook and corner of Kerala will be repaired within 48 hours. It will be done in 12 hours for business customers and in a maximum of 6 hours in urban areas. Wahni has devised a plug & play system to reduce the installation time. This is in the testing phase.

If we want to tackle climate change, we should work together. It can only become a sustainable system if it is done as a business and not as a charity. We do what we can, even if it's a little risky.

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