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Electrical Trouble Shooting

Troubleshooting involves any problems with the power line inside the building. When switched on, the equipment does not work; when switching in one place, power outages occur in other places; shock from the wall; equipment occasionally breaks or flickers; power factor malfunctions, etc. Wahni handles all the problems. We will also do rewiring if required.

Safety Audit

Security checks are often seen by people as part of troubleshooting. It mainly involves the study of the possibility of damage or fire in the wiring, and the use of safety equipment and wires of the correct size and gauge. This is a preventive measure that must be done every year.

Load Optimisation

Load optimization is one of the most important steps in reducing electricity bills. Anything from contact problems with switches to improperly sized or incorrectly installed appliances such as ACs and refrigerators can cause power outages. As well as some habits. The purpose of this action is to examine all these things and enable you to reduce the wastage and reduce the bill.

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The company aims to have a total of 200 access points in Kerala within the next one year and 3000 access points within another year. That is, a customer should not be more than 5km away from his support point. 3000 will be the saturation point. We won't allow more franchise than that. Similarly, the 200 franchise is an interim saturation point. Until all the 200 franchises become sustainable we won't more forward to the 3000-franchise target.

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